Hello, I’m Mariah Thomas-Wolf (from Ninilchik) and I am writing to let interested seniors know that my partner Shawn Zuke (from Homer) and I are available to do a short 15 minute presentation on Genetic Cancer Screening at the Sterling Senior Center. Here is some information about who are and what service we provide for eligible seniors. There are 1.7 million NEW cancer cases diagnosed each year and 600,000 deaths annually. By the time folks turn 50, most people have had at least one person that they care about affected by cancer. It is a staggering number indeed!

Did you know?
1 in 3 Cancer deaths can be prevented with early detection.  This is near and dear to my heart as I have had both friends and loved ones diagnosed with cancer. If they had had early detection, their lives would be much different today.  What is interesting about this cancer screen is that it is available at no cost for qualified seniors, age 65-79, that have Medicare Part B with or without supplemental PPO insurance (sorry no HMOs). This means that qualified individuals can now take a quick and easy test (which is a simple swab in the mouth), at no cost if eligible; that will provide peace of mind, not only for themselves, but for their entire family!  That is why we, as cancer screening advocates, are doing presentations in our own communities and across Alaska.

We can be available during your Senior Luncheon at the Sterling Senior Center on Friday, June 21st from 11 AM – 4 PM giving a short 15 minute presentation on early cancer and drug interaction genomic screening. Afterwhich we will be available to complete the screening process either per appointments scheduled via completion of prescreens or, if time allows, after scheduled appointments that same day. We can also return another day if needed.  I have attached a prescreen form that folks can complete and followup with a call to set an appointment time on the 8th. I can also stop by and pick up the confidential prescreens prior to the 21st (just have folks place the forms discretely in an envelope for your office to hold) or they can simply call me to determine eligibility.

On Friday, June 21st, individuals will need to bring their drivers licence or ID, Medicare Part B card as well as any supplemental insurance cards (no HMOs, only PPOs), and a current med list if they want the pharmacogenomic (drug interaction) screening too. Folks are to follow these simple directions 30 minutes prior to their screening

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Congregate meals offer nutritional and social benefits. They bring seniors together to enjoy meals. Seniors often have a difficult time cooking interesting meals for themselves. Our delicious meals provide great nutrition that will keep seniors healthy as well as providing an outlet where seniors can create friendships and get to know other seniors in their area.

Our Meals

We provide a comprehensive nutrition plan to ensure that seniors are getting the proper nutrition that they need. All of our meals offer complex carbohydrates, nutrient-packed vegetables, and healthy proteins. The meals are always delicious and different so that seniors do not become bored with the same meals. We also have options to meet common dietary restrictions, such as a diabetic or gluten free diet. Our congregate meals ensure that seniors are getting the meals that they need, which is especially important for seniors who are living on their own.

Congregate meals also offer a social element. It can be very lonely for seniors who are living independently. When they go to have a congregate meal, they meet other seniors and can create friendships and relationships with them. Congregate meals can help build strong and happy social lives for seniors that wish to keep living by themselves. If you are interested in our nutrition services, give our Kitchen Manager, Mary a call at 262-6808.