Sterling Area Senior Citizens (SASCI) is connecting the Sterling area, through a network of services, to support our senior community. We are friends, families, and fellow seniors all joining together to deliver meals, assist financial and legal planning programs, and support better aging.  We encourage active aging, a commitment to wellness and multi generational involvement.

We all know a senior.

Seniors are those wise and experienced beings who were there to celebrate our successes and to ease the bruises of tough lessons learned. They gave us a hand when we needed it. They were our parents, our grandparents, our spouses and our neighbors. SASCI  is here to serve the beloved seniors in your life.

We are your first call when a senior needs help.

Whether it is to find activities and resources to stay active and socially engaged; temporary meals while recovering from medical treatment; or a shoulder to turn to when loss brings on depression – SASCI is here to help. We offer Meals on Wheels to home bound seniors, weekly exercise opportunities, congregate meals for socialization and nutrition, and social events.

Over the next 10 years those 60+ will grow by another 25%. More Americans than ever before are living longer and as the “Baby Boomer” generation ages, more and more people will need the valuable services offered by SASCI.